Joel Brimmell

Joel has over 15 years of experience working in the retail sector, most recently in senior international merchandising roles for fast-fashion retailer New Look, where he helped to lead their expansion in China. In addition to a first-class degree in Psychology from Exeter University, Joel has also completed studies in retail and negotiation at Oxford University and Harvard Law School. When not planning his next charity fundraising activity he enjoys rugby, running and escaping to the countryside.

Harvard Law School, PON Global – World leading negotiation training comes to London

In a departure from our work leading procurement and commercial insight projects, our latest venture has seen us partner with the world renowned ‘Program on Negotiation’ (PON) at Harvard Law School – helping them bring their executive negotiation course to London. In this article, we will share key information on the structure and content of the PON programme and our thoughts on what makes it different.

Benjamin Wade

Benjamin joined Ivo from a leading global HR consultancy firm, following 11 years as a military officer. Combining his advanced leadership experience with a BA in Business and Enterprise from Edinburgh Napier University, he offers a lateral way of thinking and an alternative view of client solutions in a commercial environment. When he is not training for Ironman competitions, Benjamin can be found on the South coast, enjoying the local beaches with his family.

James Mercer

With more than 20 years of experience in senior UK and international marketing roles, James brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Prior to working with Ivo, James spent time leading client services within WPP, as Marketing Director at KFC, Managing Director at ITG (USA) and Chief Marketing Officer at The Restaurant Group. At weekends he can be found trying to match his cost-saving exploits with saves of a different kind, as goalkeeper for his local football team.

From Bricks to Clicks – Navigating the middle ground

Technology and the internet are now woven into the fabric of everyday life, dramatically changing the way we shop and challenging the traditional retail model. In the past, the retailer has governed how and when their customers shop; presenting products inside their stores and setting the times that they were open for business. Now the consumer dictates what they buy, where they buy it from and chooses when and how they receive their goods. This has led to a fundamental shift in power; from the retailer, to the customer.

GNFR: Unlock hidden value in your P&L

Retail P&Ls are under pressure as never before. The increasing costs of servicing customer needs in store and online, the advent of the Living Wage and increasing import costs post the Brexit vote – all these factors mean that retailers need to scrutinise every aspect of their P&L to release savings. This article explores an often-neglected dimension of costs: goods not for resale (GNFR) spend. There’s never been a more urgent need to review GNFR spend to ensure costs are being carefully managed.

Suzannah Davis

After an international upbringing, Suzannah completed a BSc in Business and Management at the University of Exeter, including a placement year at SAP UK. She went on to work at Abercrombie & Fitch in Ohio in their inventory management team and subsequently returned to London to work in merchandising at Charles Tyrwhitt. Away from work, Suzannah can be found exploring her passion for fashion through the streets of London or at the gym clocking up the miles on a spinning bike.