Big Data: From Virtual to Reality – Ivo explains how to find actionable insight and unlock opportunities in big data

Over recent years the amount of data collected and stored by businesses has grown exponentially. Whether it be sales data, loyalty card data, financial data or online booking data there is certainly no shortage of information out there. This raises the question of what to do with it all? Theoretically, the huge amount of data now available should allow companies to generate fresh analysis…

Reframing online auctions: Time for a second round?

In this paper Ivo briefly examines the history of online auctions and what has changed in their 20 year old life.
Have they delivered what they promised? Are they a faddish and now outdated bully-boy way to buy? Or is there still real value in utilising online auctions today?...


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Tackling retail waste: Overcoming the challenges of a circular economy

The circular economy principles of keeping resources in use for as long as possible and recovering and regenerating materials at the end of each lifecycle, are particularly relevant to grocery retailers who engage with perishable products throughout the supply chain. The UK government body responsible for waste initiatives, WRAP, estimates that 12 million tonnes of food waste is produced by UK households, hospitality and foodservice, food manufacturing and retail, and wholesale sectors; 75% of which is described as “avoidable”.

From Fashion Conscious to Cost Conscious: Ivo explains how businesses can balance creative and commercial demands

“We know we could save money and be more efficient but we choose not to because we’re in fashion…” This view from the Finance Director of a leading UK fashion retailer may seem surprising but is not unique. Fashion businesses major on style, aesthetics and design to keep ahead and build brand strength and loyalty.

The Priory Group: The Cost of Caring

The Priory Group is proud of its excellent reputation for quality of service. Their success is rooted in their determination to improve the lives of all their service users by employing an innovative approach when developing care and treatment services.

The Priory Group: Taking a fresh approach to refit

The Priory Group know that providing the right environment and facilities is as important to a successful care pathway as excellent staff and clinical support. It is essential that any refurbishment is done with minimal disruption and inconvenience.