Significant business improvement

Ivo brings commercial, pragmatic, data-driven insight to answer the difficult questions that internal teams and other consultants cannot find.

Our skill is in identifying significant improvement, often disguised or hidden in data. We find new sources of cost reduction, sales and margin improvement. Creating value for clients by understanding the fundamental drivers of their costs, products, waste, categories and contracts.

Our experience allows us to quickly spot new sources of commercial or retail advantage, sources that would take the ‘average expert’ weeks to identify. Looking deeply at data to see ways to make profit, save money and find trends. We quickly identify opportunities of the highest value or saving and deliver results.


How does Ivo do this?

Ivo takes a whole business view of opportunity and risk by:

  • Value Assessment: where are the opportunities are and how we get to them?
  • Implementation: making savings and improving effectiveness.
  • Skills transfer: working with your people so they become self sufficient.
  • Deep data analytics: with commercial realism and experience to make real changes.

The performance our insight points to is delivered, to significantly improve your business.

We show teams and managers how to implement the performance change so our effect continues long after we’ve left.


Let us show you how we could help your business improve –