Increasing sales & margin

Ivo believe even the most successful companies can find new ways to increase sales and deliver better margins – the answer is often hiding in their data. We understand products and range at the most detailed level, whether that is a size, colour variant in a retail garment, media broadcast or a customer booking. Taking data at the most granular level – identifying patterns is our talent – it allows us to see and prioritise opportunities to drive sales and profitability.

Success is all about turning this insight into practical steps to improve performance. We spend time working collaboratively with your managers to get them thinking and make better decisions.

For retailers the solution might be more focused category management, for other businesses it could be in pricing strategy or improved CRM analytics. Whatever the answer – we look at facts not myths – and find gems hidden in the detail. Collecting, cleansing and synthesising sales and customer data are fundamental to the sales improvement process.


Projects we have run in the past include:
  • Using activity based costing to measure product profitability – a net profit driven cut/keep/change approach to managing category range and capacity.
  • Range reduction and space reallocation for a distribution company, highlighting £2m in margin improvement within a year.
  • SKU and channel profitability for a media company, resulting in a 32% cut in range and a forecast EBIT improvement of £6.4m.
  • Improving allocations accuracy, minimising stock outs and mark-downs for a fashion retailer, identifying a potential 2.6% improvement in sales.