Saving money

Ivo works with companies to transform their buying process – improving costs, skills and approach – quickly increasing profits and improving cash flow.


Typically there are three areas we focus on:
  • Spend Analysis — taking transaction level data we work out what you spend – this is categorised to decide what can be addressed. The output is a plan of action, highlighting specific areas where money can be saved.Ivo identify areas for improvement in your supply base, procurement structure and processes. This is a vital first step – the plan also highlights the potential, sizes the workload and allows measurement of progress – too often overlooked.
  • Better Buying — applying the best approach for cost reduction to each spend area. Using appropriate and proven procedures, we help build improved buying practices which deliver benefits beyond lower purchase prices and better trading terms.We consider the full spectrum of tools – from a one to one negotiation through to tender events and highly complex e-auctions.
  • Skills Transfer — ensuring new skills and approach endures and becomes part of new routines. Ivo’s experience in running successful change programmes for large organisations allows us to reignite stalled procurement initiatives by getting back to basics – combining knowledge allows us to identify problems and design a programme that addresses barriers from the start.Our skill is in taking teams and managers along with us so the performance change is maintained long after we’ve left.


Projects we have run in the past include:

  • Joining price files and leveraging scale for two newly merged retail businesses, resulting in aligned specifications and savings of £7.9m in 9 months.
  • Building e-auction capability for clients, bringing new skills, faster cycle times and typically doubled savings rates.
  • Categorising spend and providing a buying department with a 24 month savings plan, kick starting a new procurement programme.
  • Modelling an improved FMCG supply chain for a global media company, delivering a more flexible contract and banking 27% in manufacturing savings.