Value Assessment

A thorough operational diagnostic – when speed and results are critical

An Ivo Value Assessment (VA) brings together years of operational improvement know-how into one rapid and thorough diagnostic that will provide you with the practical steps to drive performance.

The VA combines deep data analytics, stakeholder interviews, industry benchmarking with our multi-sector experience. We will identify, size and prioritise sources of opportunity in your business, then develop practical plans to deal with them.

You decide the scale of the review – from the entire organisation through to a single functional issue.

The VA is normally completed in less than four weeks and will cover all operational aspects of the business. All this is packaged and presented in a concise, grounded and results focused action-plan aimed at delivering improvements that work.


When is VA useful?
  • Pressure from competitors
  • Industry restructuring
  • A PE firm with a newly acquired business
  • Business in crisis
  • Time to spark change with intransigent management
  • New senior role on day one
  • … when you need a plan of action, fast