When working with clients we have several important values, and our approach helps us to build long-lasting relationships with them.


What we value

Seeing it through – we take a project all the way from identifying the problem to implementing a solution.

Being collaborative and nimble – we work in small, integrated project teams, sharing our skills and knowledge.

Exceeding expectations – we take pride in going above and beyond to find more answers and deliver greater benefits.

Delivering hard and soft value – our work has a positive impact not only on company financials but also on the people.

A multi-level approach – we build relationships and work well with our clients at all levels.


What our clients value in us

Our body of experience – we understand big businesses and can identify and empathise with their challenges.

We are user friendly – we are always tough on the problem, but easy on the people.

Our speed – we work to quickly deliver insight and benefits.

Our integrated approach – clients see the same people from initial scoping meetings through to implementation.

We leave a positive legacy – Ivo helps client teams to develop new capabilities, and pushes them to achieve more.